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Online SVL Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do if the information on my SVL is not correct?

A. If the information on your SVL is not correct, you need to call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416 to speak with a representative.

Q. What if a child(ren) I am keeping is not on my SVL?

A. You need to call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416 to speak with a representative.

Q. Why must I keep a copy of my submitted SVL?

A. For auditing purposes, you must retain a copy of the submitted SVL for a period of three years or longer if in an audit.

Q. What is the difference between the owner/administrator, director/supervisor, and attendance log staff?

A. The owner/administrator has access to all functions of the SVL, can add, edit, or delete roles and can submit the SVL. The director/supervisor has all the abilities of the owner/administrator with the exception of adding roles. The attendance log staff can key attendance only.

Q. Why must I record hours attended?

A. The SC Voucher Program is now requiring the actual number of hours attended by child per day in order to ensure that the children receiving services are using the amount of child care that has been authorized.

Q. What if I have questions about absence codes?

A. If you are unsure about what absence code to use, please call the SC Voucher Program at 1-800-262-4416 to speak with a representative.

Q. What if I charge a registration fee and it’s not on the SVL?

A. The registration fee is automated and will be on your SVL after the third paid week of attendance by the child if there are funds remaining.

Q. What if I forget my user id and password?

A. If you forget your user id and password, go to and click “sign in”. Once on the sign in page, click “I cannot access my account”. The system will prompt you to enter the email address you registered with and an email with a new password will be emailed to you.

Q. What if I change my email address?

A. If you change your email address, you need to go to Update My Account and enter your new email address. All future On-Line SVL emails will be sent to your new email address.

Q. Why do I have to indicate if my facility is open on the weekends?

A. If your facility is open on the weekends, you will be required to record attendance for the any SC Voucher children connected to your facility. If your facility is not open on weekends, the On-line SVL system will gray out the Saturday and Sunday dates and not require you to record attendance or absences.

Q. How are the weeks on my SVL determined?

A. The weeks on your SVL are determined based on the children connected to your facility at the time your SVL is generated.

Q. What does my SC Voucher password have to do with the On-Line SVL?

A. In order for the On-line SVL system to validate that you are an enrolled SC Voucher provider, the system performs a series of checks to ensure the information you enter when registering for On-line is the same as the SC Voucher system information. The system checks your SC Voucher provider number (FEIN or SSN and suffix) along with the established SC Voucher password. If the information does not match, you will not be able to register On-line until you call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416.

Q. Who do I call if I have general questions regarding the On-Line SVL or the SC Voucher Program policies and procedures?

A. You should call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416 to speak to a representative.

Q. How do I access my SVL on-line?

A. To access the On-Line SVL system, you must be an active, enrolled child care provider in the SC Voucher Program and must call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416 to request to begin doing your SVL on-line. You must establish a password with the SC Voucher Program that will be used when registering the facility or multiple facilities on-line. Once the change is made from paper to on-line and an SC Voucher password is established, you must wait 24 hours before you will be able to register on-line. However, you will not have an SVL available in the On-line SVL system until any outstanding SVL’s are submitted for payment.

Q. How do I create a DSS account?

A. To create a DSS User Account, go to and click the “sign in” button. Then select “create an account now”. The system will prompt you to enter your first name, last name and email account. The email account is the email address that you want all electronic notifications sent to regarding your on-line SVL. You must then create a user name and password. Choose a user name and password that you can remember easily. Please do not share your user name or password with others. Once you have chosen a user name and password, click “create my account”. The system will redirect you to the DSS home page. In the right column, under Other DSS Websites, select On-Line Service Voucher Logs. The link will take you to the page where you will register your facility.

Q. If I register multiple sites, will each site have the ability to view all sites registered?

A. The owner/administrator is the only person that can assign, edit, or delete roles to individual staff. Each role is specific to the site in which the owner/administrator assigns to the individuals. Individual staff may have access to only one site or to multiple sites as determined necessary by the owner/administrator.

Q. What if I have a change in my facility information?

A. You should call the SC Voucher Program at 1-800-262-4416 to report those changes.

Q. How do I register multiple facilities?

A. You may add additional enrolled SC Voucher facilities at any time. You may do this initially at the first registration or you may add at a later time. To add a facility after the initial registration process, you will need to sign onto the On-line SVL system and click the “Facility” tab. Click “Register a New Facility” and you will be taken to the registration page. You will need to enter your SC Voucher provider number (FEIN or SSN) and suffix (site 01, 02, etc.) and your SC Voucher Password for the new site you are registering. You will be able select if your facility is opened on the weekends (yes or not box) and will have the ability to add users at the initial registration or you may wait until a later time to add additional users. Click Complete Registration link to access your SVL On-line.

Q. How do I change my log in password?

A. To change your DSS Account User password, log into the On-line SVL and go to My DSS and click “Change My Password”. The system will prompt you to enter a new password and confirm the new password. The change is effective immediately.

Q. Do I record a to and from time on hours attended or a total number of hours?

A. You need to record a total number of hours a child attends each day. Example: If a child is at your facility from 8-5, you would record 9 hours.

Q. What absence code should I use if I do not know why a child was absent?

A. When the reason for a child’s absence is unknown, you should always use the code VAC.

Q. How do I delete a user of my On-line SVL?

A. To delete a role, select the “Staff” tab and click the delete icon for the staff you wish to delete. You will get a pop up box to confirm you want to delete that user. Select yes if you want to delete them or no if you do not. The deletion is effective immediately and email confirmation will be sent to the owner/administrator and the staff confirming the deletion.

Q. How do I edit/change roles for the users of my On-line SVL?

A. Once you have added a user to your On-line SVL, you may change their role at anytime. To edit a role, select the “Staff” tab and click the icon at the end of the security role of the staff you wish to edit. Select the new security role you want for the staff and select ok. The new role is effective immediately and email confirmation will be sent to the owner/administrator and the staff confirming the new role.

Q. How do I add users to my On-line SVL?

A. Only the owner/administrator may add, edit or delete a user of the On-line SVL. In order to add a user, select the “Staff” tab and click “Add existing DSS Website User to the On-Line SVL”. REMINDER: Before you can add the user to the On-line SVL system, the user must have first created a DSS User Account. The system will prompt you to enter the DSS User Name for the staff you are adding, along with the email address that they registered with. You will then be prompted to select a user role. Once the user role has been selected, select “add user”. You will then be able to see that the user has been added, the email and user name and the security role assigned. The new role is effective immediately and email confirmation will be sent to the owner/administrator and the staff confirming the new role.

Q. Why are future dates on my SVL grayed out?

A. The On-line SVL will not allow you to enter attendance for future dates. You may key attendance only for past and present dates. Also, if you have indicated a drop/transfer date, all dates past the drop/transfer date will be grayed out so keying attendance is not required.

Q. What should I do if a child no longer attends my facility?

A. If a child drops or transfers from your facility, you should enter the actual drop or transfer date in the box labeled drop/transfer. The drop/transfer date is the last date the child attended your facility. The system will also require you to enter a pay until date. This date is the date you last expect payment. The date cannot exceed 2 weeks from the drop date and may change based on the circumstances of each individual file. If a drop/transfer date and pay until date are entered, the system will require you to enter a drop/transfer reason. Once a date and reason is selected, all dates past the drop/transfer date will be grayed out so you will not be required to record attendance.

Q. Why can’t I submit my SVL?

A. You may not have completed and saved all attendance for each child on the SVL or you may be attempting to submit your SVL prior to the ending date of the SVL.

Q. What if I make a mistake when keying attendance?

A. You can edit your SVL at any time prior to submission. However, once the SVL has been submitted, if there are changes to be made, you should call the SC Voucher Program at 1-800-262-4416.