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The Division of Child Care Services is excited to introduce you to the upcoming on-line Service Voucher Log (SVL). The on-line SVL is the next evolution of the paper-based forms and it will automate and expedite the child care reimbursement process.

The on-line SVL will provide enrolled ABC Child Care providers with the following functions:

Faster Delivery of the SVL

  • Since the SVL will be sent electronically to and from the child care provider, there will be no mail delays.

Ability to Create Multiple Security Levels

  • Administrators will be able to designate the level of access for their staff. The security levels may be changed immediately and as needed.

Recording of the Actual Hours of Attendance
Recording of the Actual Absences and Absence Codes

  • The system will prompt a drop-down box of reason codes which ensures proper coding of absences.

Recording Drop/Transfer Dates

  • The system will prompt the provider to enter the drop/transfer date and the last expected payment date.

Electronic Submission of SVL

  • The system will force completion of all sections of the SVL prior to submission and prevent SVL’s from being submitted prior to the ending date of the SVL, which will alleviate the need for returns.

Receipt of E-mail Confirmation

  • Emails will be sent to the provider confirming registration, the receipt of the SVL and when the new SVL is ready for viewing.

Electronic Remittance AdviceRemittance Advices will be sent electronically with each paid SVL.Ability to Print Copies

  • The system will allow the provider to print a copy of the SVL for their records.

Ability to View Old SVL’s and Remittance Advices

  • The system will allow providers to view all SVL’s and/or remittance advices for a period of time.

Should you have questions or want more detailed information regarding the On-Line SVL, please call the SC Voucher Control Center at 1-800-262-4416.