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FAQ : Assessment

  • The Environment Rating Scales are the designated classroom assessment tools for ABC Level A and are based on the ages of the children. The ERS tools used by ABC for Level A assessments are: (1) Age birth -2: Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale - Revised (ITERS-R); (2) Age 3-5: Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - Revised (ECERS-R); and (3) Age 6-12: School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale - (SACERS). The ERS are nationally recognized classroom assessment tools used by many states to measure classroom quality.
  • Only assessments conducted by an ABC assessor will count. The assessment must have been based on the assessment tool required for the Level, and should not be more than 12 months old. For additional information, contact the ABC Program Monitor for your county.
  • At Level A, 1/3 of the classrooms per age group will be assessed. At Level B, one classroom for each age will be assessed.
  • Yes.
    The report will include the findings and any recommendations being made and may be used by providers to work with staff on program improvement.
  • Yes.
    Programs wanting to be assessed and receive an ABC Equivalent designation should contact the ABC Program Monitor for their county. The ABC Equivalent designation does not qualify the provider for SC Voucher payments.
  • The frequency of provider visits may vary depending on the findings during an on-site visit. At Level B and Level C, annual visits will be made at a minimum. At Level A, programs are visited annually to verify programs compliance with mandatory standards. Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) assessments are conducted every 3 years for Level A programs.
  • Initial enrollment visits and technical assistance visits are announced. All other visits are unannounced.